Ben "Sonjira" Young


about ME


Hey! It's Ben Young! AKA Sonjira

I'm an Ohio born-and-raised filmmaker and animator, currently living in Dayton, Ohio while studying Film/Animation Production at the Wright State University Tom Hanks Center for Motion Pictures.

Throughout my body of work, I explore the merging of absurdist situations and comedy with the abstract problems of existentialism and our own quests to discern meaning in and often meaningless world. A laugh, I find, is the easiest way to the heart, but it can just as readily access the soul, and in doing so dig deep into our own fears and anxieties about our existence. 

My specialty lies in the art of stop motion animation, through which I have experience in object, paper cut-out, whiteboard, and armature animation. Additionally, I have a strong background in Cinematography and Directing for live action filmmaking, along with Mograph and Video Editing experience.

Oh, and "Sonjira" is a pseudonym I've long used to attch myself to my art. Call me Ben, call me Sonjira, whatever you like! It's all fine to me!